Digital tachographs

Skaitmeninių tachografų įrengimas

Installation of digital tachographs, tachograph repair,inspection and certification

Greičio ribotuvų įrengimas, patikra ir sertifikavimas

Installation, colibration and certification of speed limiters

Skaitmeninių tachografų ir vairuotojų kortelių duomenų nuskaitymo įrangos pardavimas

Selling devices for reading data from digital tachographs and driver cards

Our company, SIA Heders offers the following services:

Tachografų patikra ir sertifikavimas
  • Instalation of digital tachographs;
  • Calibration and repair of tachographs;
  • Inspection and certification of tachographs;

Our specialists install new equipment, replace or repair tachographs, perform the inspection and certification of tachographs at any time convenient to you on prior arrangement.

Greičio ribotuvų įrengimas
  • Installation of speed limiters;
  • Repair of speed limiters;
  • Inspection and certification of speed limiters;
Prekyba informacijos skaitytuvais
  • We sell truck data readers;

To obtain information from digital tachographs and driver cards, you need a special device. Our company offers a D-box reader. With this device you will be able to carry out necessary operations with tachographs and driver cards; it will also enable you to extract information from a driver card with no application of a tachograph.